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Fall Planting of Perennial Plants & Trees

Get a head start on a beautiful and lush garden next spring by planting your perennials now.  Your plants will have time to establish a good root structure this fall.  You will be able to reap the benefits next spring with bigger and better perennial plants in your garden.  Moderate daytime temperatures, cooler evenings and ample rain help to insure a successful planting.

Fall is also a great time to plant trees.  As noted with the perennial plants, weather conditions are more moderate and there is less stress on the newly planted tree.  As fall begins, trees start their winter acclimation process. Energy is now pulled back from leaf and cell growth and stored within the tree.  Dormant trees are much easier to transport and plant.

Of course one of the major advantages of fall planting is the great sale prices available.  Willow Springs Nursery has an ample supply of trees, shrubs and perennial plants now on sale through the fall.  But don’t wait too long. Many plants will sell out fast at these great discounts.